Bulging Disc In Campbell CA

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

If you experience back pain, you might question if a disc is malfunctioning. Occasionally a herniated disc is the cause. On the other side, the problem can be a bulging disc brought on by degeneration. Your Campbell CA chiropractor at Spine & Injury Center can identify the issue and provide you with a non-invasive treatment option: spinal decompression for bulging discs in Campbell CA.

Definition Of A Bulging Disc in Campbell CA

Your discs use fluid and lose some of their former flexibility as you age. The contents of a disc push against the exterior of it when the outer shell of the disc deteriorates, causing this cushion to sag. Early on, you might not notice any signs of your bulging disc. It usually has little effect on you and is a typical aspect of aging. It can, however, put pressure on the adjacent nerves and soft tissue if it bulges sufficiently. Pain, muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, or a burning sensation may be among the symptoms. Leg muscular spasms could be noticeable. The discomfort and other symptoms can occasionally spread outside of your back as well. Your arms and legs could also be impacted by the bulging disc. You can find it difficult to move your neck if the disc in your neck is damaged.

Bulging Disc Diagnostic Process

Our chiropractor will initially ask you questions regarding the symptoms you are experiencing as well as your health background. In addition to what makes things worse, our chiropractor will want to know when the symptoms first appeared. To test your range of motion, our practitioner instructs you to move in various directions. You must also pinpoint the site of the pain; a chiropractor may do this by applying light pressure. You'll also need to have imaging done so our chiropractor can see an image of your back's bones and discs and check for damage.

Bulging Disc Treatment

Our chiropractor could suggest a chiropractic alignment to alleviate a bulging disc. In order to align the vertebrae in your back with the discs, our practitioner will move them. It is a delicate treatment with minimal to no known negative effects. We may also utilize spinal decompression as a form of chiropractic care. Your spine will be stretched during this procedure, relieving pressure on the discs between your vertebrae. Moreover, it enables nutrients to reach the discs more effectively. Sometimes, our chiropractor will suggest back-stretching exercises for you to try. Lifestyle recommendations so you don't put undue strain on your back's discs may be a part of your chiropractic treatment.

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