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Spinal Decompression Campbell CA

Spinal Decompression Campbell CA Bulging Disc

Spinal Decompression Basics

Spinal Decompression Campbell CA Man With Back Pain

Decompression For Back Pain

Spinal Decompression Campbell CA Woman With Back Pain

Understanding Spinal Decompresison

Dr. Bradley Mouroux D.C.

Spine & Injury Center

Welcome to Spine & Injury Center. Serving the greater Campbell CA area, Spine & Injury Center offers pain sufferers our novel, proprietary, 8-step pain relief program (without drugs or surgery) which restores function and gets you back into action fast. This article is designed to showcase how Campbell CA spinal decompression can be beneficial for both you and your loved ones.

About Spinal Decompression

Most of the patients we meet don't understand the basics of spinal decompression in Campbell CA. Spinal decompression is a safe, innovative treatment approach for nerve impingements, herniated discs, and other back and spine issues. Spine & Injury Center is a leading provider of spinal decompression, using state-of-the-art technology, coupled with regenerative and physical medicine therapies to work together to resolve low back and sciatica pain without drugs or surgical intervention! Let us help you find your way back to enjoying life!

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What Is Spinal Decompression in Campbell CA?

Spinal decompression is a state-of-the-art treatment that gently stretches the spine, decompressing discs, relieving painful nerve compressions and inflammation, and stimulating circulation without the need for invasive surgery. Decompression uses a special device to apply gentle and consistent pressure to provide long-term symptom relief. Spinal decompression can be especially effective for the treatment of bulging or herniated discs. Decompression restores the normal space between the vertebrae so discs that have slipped out of their normal positions between the bones can be gently coaxed back into their proper positions.

What Happens During Spinal Decompression Treatment?

Spinal decompression uses a special table to apply gentle and consistent stretching forces to the spine. During treatment, the patient will lie comfortably on the table and a series of padded straps will help hold them in the proper position and prevent unwanted movement during decompression. The decompression device can be adjusted to the patient’s individual needs for the best possible results. Most treatments take about a half hour to 45 minutes.

Is Spinal Decompression A Good Option For Any Patient With Disc-related Problems?

Spinal decompression can be an excellent choice for many patients with disc-related issues including nerve irritation and pain from slipped or bulging discs. Still, it’s not the best choice for every patient. Prior to treatment, a comprehensive examination of the spine and a review of the patient’s individual history will help determine if spinal decompression is the most appropriate treatment or if another approach to care might be a better option.

How Does Spinal Decompression Help Relieve Pain?

The spine is the conduit for nerves traveling from the brain to every other part of the body. These nerves exit the spine through openings between the spine bones (or vertebrae). Sometimes, these openings can become compressed, resulting in pinched nerves and symptoms like pain and numbness. Spinal decompression helps alleviate the pressure on nerves and restore normal spacing between the vertebrae so pain and related symptoms are relieved. At the same time, the mild vacuum created by decompression encourages blood flow in the soft tissues, increasing the availability of oxygen and other important nutrients to relieve inflammation and promote natural healing.