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Foot pain can be very inconvenient for people of all ages and lifestyles, and it can extend to other areas of the body by causing motor problems. Plantar fasciitis is the name of the most common reason for heel pain in your feet.

Dr. Brad Mouroux and his extensive knowledge in holistic and chiropractic make it possible for Spine & Injury Center to provide an effective approach to getting rid of pain and recovering from damage to your feet.

What exactly is plantar fasciitis?

You may or may not have heard this name before, referring to foot pain - plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes pain in the bottom of the heel.

In your daily life, the plantar fascia ligaments experience a lot of wear and tear - if too much pressure is applied to your feet, the ligaments will damage and tear. The plantar fascia becomes inflamed, and the inflammation causes characteristic pain and stiffness on your heel and the rest of the foot.

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Learn More About Plantar Fasciitis and What To Do About It

The plantar fascia is a thick ligament located between your heel and the front of your foot, connecting both parts together and acting as a shock absorber, supporting the arch of your foot, and helping you walk.

How do I know I have plantar fasciitis?
The most common symptom experienced while suffering plantar fasciitis is pain at the bottom of the heel, and often pain in the mid-foot area. It is more commonly happening on a single foot (dominant foot -foot where the person is more likely to rest their weight or add more pressure during everyday activities,) but some people might experience it in both. This pain can be dull or sharp, and develop over time.

What preventive measures can I take?
Despite the root cause for plantar fasciitis being quite unclear, there are certain measures that can be taken to avoid overexertion of the plantar fascia ligaments. These measures include wearing athletic footwear with enough support and replacing them once a year (variating on a person-to-person basis and actual wear,) incorporating low-impact exercises in your routine, and stretching properly before every workout.

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